Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

1. I thought I had the BEST little idea to cut down on Christmas shopping gluttony. 4 gifts, something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. I was wrong. Categories, people, kids, planning, excel spreadsheets (yes, I've been using this to help). It's just too much. I prefer my free-for-all strategy.

2. I didn't get my workout in yesterday. Sad, I know. But, rest days are important, too! Listen to your body!

3. I ordered some snazzy pink compression socks last night. They will be multipurpose.
                                                         1. A stocking stuffer,
                                                         2. For our long plane ride,
                                                         3. For distance runs.
BOOM! I got this.

4. Apparently Wal-mart is sold out of Glow Worms. What!? I know, right? My mission this weekend is to find a glow worm for my new niece. It's a family tradition. :)

5. I got 4 inches cut off my hair last week. Love it! You can see it in my Thanksgiving post.

6. I love technology! I can talk to my sister, on the other side of the world through iMessage. Thank you, Apple.

7. I may or may not have grabbed a handful of Udi's vanilla granola, while preparing my breakfast this morning.

8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. I don't think the season is long enough, honestly. The lights, decorations, smells, etc. I think I need to post about how I decorate my home for Christmas.

9. I tend to ramble. True Story.

10. "True Story." Clearly, I watch How I Met Your Mother way too much. Thank you, Netflix! :)

Happy Friday, y'all!

The gym closes early tonight, so P90X, it is. KenpoX or Plyometrics? Hmm...

Cream of rice topped w/ almond butter, ground flax seeds, and sliced banana
Fine, fine. Yes, I had some of Udi's vanilla granola to boot. 

Arbonne Chocolate Protein Shake mixed w/ unsweetened vanilla almond milk

TBA - There is a church christmas thing tonight for families, I'll eat there if it will be friendly to my gluten free ways. If not, a baked potato sounds MARVELOUS. :)