Monday, October 21, 2013

7-Day Clean Eating Challenge Day 1 - part 2

1 day down and 6 more to go. BOOM! I'm so excited! I've learned a few things, though.
  • I need more protein at snack 2 to hold me over longer. More eggs, or I'll mix in some protein powder in my oats.
  • I noticed that I get hungry right at 2.5 hours
  • If I flip-flop my snack and traditional breakfast (as you see on my schedule), then that works best for me. Everyone is different, and that's what works for me given my uber-early morning workout (4 am, anyone?!). I need a bit of energy in me for my workout, otherwise I'm dragging. There is NO way I can eat my normal breakfast before I workout. So, instead of eating 2 morning snacks like I had been, I decided to just flip flop my meals. Why did i NOT think of that before?!
  • I need more fiber (aka veggies) at lunch. That did NOT even put a dent in my hunger level.
Here's a looksy at my meals today.

I definetely have more of a pep in my step since I've been pushing the clean foods lately.

I'm ready to do a giveaway soon! Keep looking for some goodies from my friends at Zevia. :)