Sunday, November 4, 2012

Zevia Product Review

In my quest for a healthy lifestyle, I often hear and read scathing remarks about sodas. To be honest, I love my sodas. Of all of my vices, I'm not sure if that is one I can ever cut-out completely. It's always been such a guilty pleasure for me. Years ago I switched to the diet version, which helped me drop some poundage. Knowing the health ramifications from these sodas, I started to really watch my consumption.

A few months ago a co-worker introduced me to Zevia. My store only carries a few flavors, but I loved the ones that were available. It was such a healthy alternative to traditional diet sodas, which are laden with artificial sweeteners. Zevia is sweetened with stevia. I love stevia because it is lower on the glycemic index, which means you don't have those crazy blood sugar spikes and ultimate lows. Oh, and it's calorie free. It's like my own personal ambrosia of sodas.

Zevia was so kind to send me a variety of their sodas to try. My kiddo loves sodas, and I had no guilty feeling from letting him delve in to picking out his favorites. He tends to stick to the fruit-flavored sodas, so the Orange and Grapefruit Citrus were his favorites.

 I loved the Dr. Zevia and Black Cherry. As a soda connoisseur, I was skeptical before my first taste. I was worried about how the flavors would measure up, if it would be too sweet, and what a "healthy" soda was like. I LOVED all of the sodas. I even tried the kiddo's drinks, which aren't usually my bag. I don't usually like fruity drinks. The notion of a fruit drink, that ends up being laden with sugar really grosses me out. I might as well drinks snow cone syrup. Zevia's drinks weren't anything like that! The sweetness level was perfect! The same held true for my sodas. There was no funky sweet flavor, I loved it. The flavors were pretty in-sync with "traditional" soda flavors. It was really nice to enjoy my drink, guilt-free. I think its so awesome that Zevia has developed a variety of healthy alternatives for all of my fellow soda lovers.