Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back in the game

Ok, time to catch up! On April 21st (3 months to the day of getting injured) I was finally able to run! I was on the elliptical, eyeing the treadmill. I just told myself, what the heck, go for it! I ran pain-free for the first mile. I ran a mile and a half and probably the last quarter had my leg achey. I was just so excited! I'm sure I looked like, "incredibly photogenic guy," because the guy a few treadmills down kept looking at me. I was crazy-smiling runner girl! It was great though. I don't think anyone can know or fathom how happy I was. I hate to say it, but I cried when I got in the car after leaving the gym. Now, I follow that up with I haven't ran since. I was pretty sore afterwards. I think I pushed too long (mileage-wise) and I wasn't ready. Its great to know I can run, though.