Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crosstraining... cross trying??

I've been working on my crosstraining. I guess it is liberating to not be in training for something, so I have the freedom to do whatever work outs I want. I REALLY want to run though, so I tried last night. Tried was the keyword. I warmed up on the bike for 5 minutes, then started walking on the treadmill. I started to run and my leg was so sore. My doctor had told me to not try to push through the pain, so I stopped. That was hard for me to realize that after all of this time, I still can't run. I HAVE come so far in the past few months, but I'm not totally recovered.  BLEH. I still had a hardcore work out, though. I discovered a new elliptical at the gym. You actually sit down for it, but you can set it to do arm or leg boosts every 60 seconds. I like doing the leg press and arm press. It is pretty intense, but it also keeps me occupied so time flies!