Friday, March 9, 2012


My dog, Bristol, is a beautiful Boxer/Lab mix (Boxador for the fancy name). Coincidentally or luckily (because of the timing) sweet Bristol decided to use my iPhone armband as a chew toy on the day that I was injured. It was after my run, when I went to go ice. I have neglected buying a new one because I haven't been running, but I gave in today. I can feel a run coming on soon and I wanted to be well-prepared. I ordered the Belkin ProFit armband from Amazon. I can't wait to get and USE it!

Here is the armband I got. I find it pretty easy to use and I use the Nike+ app to track my time, distance and route. The only thing I find is that my earphone cords hit my chest over and over. It isn't a significant issue, though. Also in my order, I got a yoga mat! I've started cross training with "yoga" to help with my runs. I say "yoga," because I initially started on the wii, and now I've graduated to videos on NetFlix. I don't think I'm a real yogi until I started with actual classes with other people! I'm loving it though!

As for my dog, she got a new playmate last night! I work with a Boxer rescue, BoxAR. They are a wonderful bunch of people that work SO hard to help Boxers that need a kind, loving, forever home. I am foster parent for some of these dogs. I've only actually had one other foster dog, before. We named her Lilly (for Lilly Potter, of course!) and she was a rescue from animal hoarders. She was a precious girl. She was an AMAZING ( I just can't stress how amazing) dog for my son and she just lounged next to my cat. She was awesome. When it came to Bristol, though, it was another story. Because of how she was raised she was used to fighting for her food, etc. They had to move her to a different foster home that didn't have other dogs. We got a new foster dog last night and his name is Bandit. I tried getting some good pics of him but he was just running around with Bristol so much! He came from a breeder (ya, a bad breeder) so she's got some skin problems that we are trying to work on. He is male-dominant though, so if I take him and Bristol to the dog park, I'll have to be sure there aren't other male dogs around. Bristol can just barely contain herself to have another dog around! Here are some pictures of him with Bristol. They aren't the BEST pictures in the world cause the dogs were just going nuts!