Friday, September 27, 2013

A Mario Party

My son picked a Mario Bros. theme for his birthday this year. I took to pinterest to find decorating and gift ideas.
I made gluten free vanilla cupcakes and got regular cream cheese icing. I mixed red food coloring in the icing, but I couldn't get them quite red enough. I then sliced large marshmallows and put them on them on the cupcakes to resemble the toadstools. I was excited when I saw they matched my napkins!

For the party favors, I set up a candy buffet. I absolutely love candy buffets. They are relatively inexpensive and versatile. I already had the jars, and I filled each with different candys. I needed a filler for the jars, since I didn't have enough candy to fill them up. They looked a bit sparse, so I added mini marshmallows and the rest of the big marshmallows. The marshmallows represented the "clouds" in one of the Mario game levels. One jar had green M&Ms to match the color of Luigi's outfit. Another jar had plastic gold coins as a filler, and Atomic Fireballs cinnamon candies for the fireballs that Mario throws and gold coins that he gathers. Finally, in another jar I had candy Wii remotes. After scouring Amazon, I found these awesome candy molds for Wii remotes. I used white and black candy melts for the treats.

I am SUPER excited about how everything turned out and the kids loved it, too! You know you have done well when children are impressed!