Friday, February 15, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

  1. I'm BEYOND 100% happy that it is Friday. I've been flat out exhausted lately (I don't know why!) But, I'm looking forward to the weekend. :)
  2. I started a new bible study this week. It is a Beth Moore study, and OMG I just love her! It is EXACTLY where I need to be.
  3. I need to make some goodies for my life group for bible study next week. :) Hmm.. gluten-free goodies!
  4. My dad e-mailed me earlier to tell me that I missed a HUGE 50% off sale at Coach. WHO IS THIS MAN AND WHAT HAS HE DONE WITH MY DAD??!! But, I do love Coach. :)
  5. I got new glasses! :) For someone who's pretty much blind, having some snazzy glasses pretty much is the highlight of my year! They seem to overshadow the coke bottles.
  6. My co-worker brought me some oatmeal the other day. It made my heart so happy :).
  7. Grocery shopping makes me happy - with that, I got some flax today. I was SOOOO stupid happy to have replinished my supply. It's been too long. :)
  8. I'm easily amused. :)
  9. I've been writing a lot of poems lately. I've been feeling pretty creative. Maybe, I'll break out the canvases soon.
  10. I'm ending this with an amazing quote. It totally puts things in to perspective.