Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Injury and set-backs

Ok, I’ve took some time off. I lost my momentum, really. I was injured on a run on January 21st. Nearly 4 weeks later, I was finally diagnosed with a stress fracture. That explained a sheer inability to walk, function and sleep. In my mind, it is sort of like a being injured in the line of duty. If I were a soldier, I’d get a purple heart. In training, you get rehab. You only get medals if you finish a race. I’ve been doing some yoga to keep up my strength and doing the stationary bike. I LOATHE the bike. I’ve been itching to get back out and run, but it all got worse this weekend. Yesterday was the Little Rock Marathon. It was AMAZING! All of the runners (young and old) all of the energy from the runners AND those cheering them on. It was just incredible. I was SO happy to be there! The guy I’m dating was running in the marathon. It was so amazing to see all of those people working for their 26.2. My heart broke when I saw an older man (maybe in his 60s or 70s) that was taken off on a 4-wheeler. It looked like he had injured his ankle. I know how upset I have been to have been injured on week 14 of training. I can’t imagine the devastation of an injury during the race. Needless to say, my guy did a great job on his first marathon! He finished in 4:48 (that’s our guesstimate). Guesstimate because, he was slow getting to the start line and he forgot his CHIP. How? How? How? Also, his iPod wasn’t working. That shows how tough and determined he is, though. All of those factors working against him and he still finished with a decent time. That’s a much-deserved 8lb medal! I was on the fence before about a 13.1 tattoo, but after the trials and pain of injury (physically and emotionally) I think that will be one, hard-earned and well-deserved tattoo. I think a REALLY pretty 13.1 would be perfect. I think any 13.1 would be pretty at this point! I’ve already signed up for another half later on this year. My 2nd to train for, and God-willing, the first one of me to run in AND finish.