Sunday, January 12, 2014

Coaching questions

I get questions all the time about coaching... "Why do you coach" and "How do you have time?"

Q. "Why do you coach?"
A. I became an Independent Beachbody Coach for several reasons.
  1. Income: Unless you are one of the select (and blessed) few who is independently wealthy, then I'm sure you wouldn't mind having an extra income and extra money in your pocket. As a single parent and teacher, an opportunity like this is certainly a blessing. 
  2. Accountability: I've been a fan of Beachbody products for years, but I was held accountable mostly by myself. I was still in the background. I had thought about coaching years ago, but I feared the accountability aspect. I knew I wouldn't just be holding myself accountable for me, but my involvement would involve accountability within my team. I didn't feel I was quite up for this challenge. Finally after toying with the idea (for about the umpteenth time), I joined Beachbody as a Coach in October 2013 for the accountability. I knew accountability was my own personal struggle, so putting myself in a spot where my teammates and those I coach would hold me accountable was exactly what I needed. 
  3. Passion: I have said this time and time again. I am passionate about health and fitness. Maybe it's because I love food, or maybe it's because sports bras and compression pants are way more comfortable than regular clothes... whatever the reason is, I love this stuff! I am naturally a competitive person, so doing something that pushes me to do more, be more, and be a better version of myself is right up my alley! 
  4. Compassion and Serving: I LOVE people and I love helping people. I love getting to meet new people and learn their stories- their successes and their struggles. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is something that virtually everyone desires in some fashion, and it's my job to help people with that. I am a "doer." I like to do things for people and be helpful. With Beachbody I can "do" for people by motivating and inspiring others, and helping them see their potential. I don't want people to settle and think they can't change, or it's impossible. 
  5. Personal Growth: I am actually a pretty shy person, so coaching has actually helped me get out of my comfort zone to talk to people I don't know. Imagine all of the people who have all of this strength, knowledge, love, and compassion in them, but are too shy to share it. It's a waste, huh?! I'm preaching to myself here, too. Share you heart and your head with others. Plain and simple. 
Q. "How do you have time?"
A. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, right? Largely it comes down to budgeting your time wisely, but that's smart for any aspect of life. Most of my business is done from home and I don't do much differently than I did before I was a coach. 
  1. I workout. Yes, you read that right. My workouts are a part of my job. I am a coach, remember! I exercised before, but now I get paid for it. 
  2. I share. I was on Facebook, Instagram, and even had this blog before I was coaching. I now use my time more wisely, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Instead of an hour spent just doing nothing on these sites, I use that time to spread the word about my results, Beachbody news, or connect with others. Talk about productivity!
  3. I am a product of Beachbody. I use the programs, I drink Shakeology, I eat a pretty healthy and clean diet. People see these things. If people ask if this "works," then I just point them to my before/afters.Enough said. 

This is 100% rewarding, but doesn't take 100% of your time. Check out this video.

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