Thursday, December 29, 2011

The running affair

While I was researching running and race tips, I came across so many blogs for runners. Many of these are experienced runners with multiple marathons, half marathons, 10k's, etc under their belts. Me, not so much! I decided I would start writing about my journey, the ups and downs and the lessons I've learned. Here's a bit of a history...
I started "walking" on the treadmill in junior high, just for sheer fitness. I remember I could get lost in the TV show or music I had on. Before I knew it, my time was up! I fell off the wagon in high school, and picked it back up in college. It was actually my "post-pregnancy" workout. The day the doctor cleared me to exercise, I stepped back on the treadmill. My walk became more of a powerwalk, but it helped me drop the pounds! 7 years later, I still used the powerwalk for exercise several times a week. I realised that obviously I was not challenging myself. I had toyed with the idea of running a half marathon, but I had never really got in to running.
In March of 2011, my husband left me and I had been (and continue to) deal with my mom's 3rd bout with cancer. I wanted to do something for me. Something to focus on. A hobby even. I joined a local gym (with childcare of course!) and decided to challenge myself. I started training to run a 5k in May of 2011. I used a plan that was provided by Weight Watchers. I remember looking at the suggest times for running, then jogging, then walking, then running again. I thought, "My God, I cannot do this! But, I will try!" I tried, and I did. Within a month I was able to run a 5k almost effortlessly. I then had the bright idea, I would train for a half-marathon. I don't want to do a marathon, I always said marathons were for crazy people. Don't get me wrong, I have several loved ones who are marathoners, but the intensity prior to and during race day is overwhelming. Yes, a marathon scares me. A coworker and I started talking about training. Its nice having some extra moral support on a virtually daily basis.
I'm now in week 10 of my training, and I've only had a few bumps in the road. I've discovered since I've become a runner, my asthma doesn't seem to like this cold weather + the new intensity. I have to use my medicine before my runs. This has hampered some of my long runs, I haven't got to my 8 miler yet. The farthest I have gone is 6.5. To me this is good, considering my impromptu training decision! I have an 8 miler this weekend and I'm hoping it goes well. Just a short run tonight, 3 miles. The short ones are nice, though. Like a quick burst of energy and fresh air (figuratively and literally). And so began my love affair with running.